How To Put A Bicycle Tire On

How to Change a Bicycle Tire

Putting a bicycle tire on can seem like a daunting task for beginners, but with a little practice, it becomes much easier. Start by flipping your bike upside down and propping it up securely or using a bicycle stand if available. Next, release the brakes so that the tire can freely move. Then, using a tire lever or your hands, detach one side of the tire from the rim. Make sure to work your way around the tire, carefully pushing one side out of the rim.

Proper Inner Tube Installation for Tire

Once one side is off, inflate the inner tube slightly to give it shape and place it inside the tire. Then, tuck the valve into the hole on the rim and work the rest of the inner tube inside, making sure it is evenly distributed and not twisted. Ensure that the tire is free from any debris or sharp objects that could cause punctures.

Tricky Process: Putting Tire Back on

Now comes the slightly trickier part – putting the tire back onto the rim. Starting opposite the valve, use your hands to push the tire back onto the rim. If necessary, utilize a tire lever to assist you. However, be cautious not to damage the inner tube. Work your way around the tire, pushing the last bit onto the rim with your hands or a lever. Ensure that the tire is seated evenly on both sides of the rim.

Inflate, Seat, Spin: Quick Tire Check

Once the tire is in place, inflate it to the recommended pressure that is indicated on the side of the tire. Ensure that the tire is properly seated on the rim by checking that there are no bulges or uneven spots while it is inflating. Lastly, give the tire a spin to make sure it rotates smoothly and does not touch the brakes or frame. If everything looks and feels in order, you can reattach your brakes and enjoy your newly repaired tire.

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