How To Measure Bicycle Wheels

Essential Bicycle Wheel Measurements: Fit, Parts

Measuring bicycle wheels correctly is essential for various reasons, such as ensuring a proper fit for your bike components, selecting the right replacement parts, or upgrading your wheelset. To accurately measure a bicycle wheel, you need to focus on four key measurements: diameter, rim width, axle spacing, and spoke count.

Determining Bicycle Wheel Diameter Before Purchase

The first step in measuring a bicycle wheel is determining its diameter. To do this, you measure from the center of the hub to the center of the rim. The most common wheel sizes are 26 inches, 27.5 inches (or 650b), and 29 inches. However, it is important to note that some bikes might have unique wheel sizes, so always confirm the diameter before purchasing new wheels.

Crucial Rim Width Determines Tire Size

Next, measure the rim width, which plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate tire size. The rim width refers to the distance between the inner walls of the rim. Use a caliper or a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Rim widths typically range from 19mm to 45mm, but different bicycles may require different widths based on tire compatibility and desired performance.

Axle spacing key for wheel upgrades

Another vital measurement is axle spacing, which is necessary when upgrading or purchasing new wheels. For the front wheel, measure the distance between the fork dropouts, while for the rear wheel, measure the width between the frame dropouts. The most common front axle spacing is 100mm, while rear axle spacing can vary between 135mm and 142mm for quick-release (QR) systems, or 142mm and 148mm for through-axle systems.

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